Journey: Gift of Courage

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People sometimes find themselves faced with crises that threaten their lives, their loved ones, and their livelihoods. Courage can be a powerful asset during these moments of life. “Courage,” an anonymous person stated, “is not the absence of fear, but the strength to…face it.” How is courage possible when one is in the center of a storm? Where is the strength to persevere when trying times appear?

In the Gift of Courage Journey, you will read of people who displayed courage when challenged. You will be invited to think and pray about how these stories can nurture seeds of courage in people to act faithfully when life’s storms come.

Read about God’s gift of courage, a well-spring of strength that we ourselves cannot summon on our own. Discover how witnesses of Christian faith, expressively illustrated with stories from the Old and New Testaments, were nurtured by confidence in God’s steadfast love and abiding presence. Prepare to accept the challenge to encourage and support others who follow God to provide strength and hope—courage—in moments of crisis.

The Gift of Courage Journey can help you to move from troubles to triumph in faith.

Gift of Courage presents a journey along six paths:

  • Courage and Crisis
  • Courage of Conviction
  • Courage to Trust
  • Courage to Love
  • Courage to Resist
  • Courage to Change

Each Path has seven Steps. You are encouraged to take one step daily. Each Step involves four features:

  1. Read a Bible passage.
  2. Think about what you’ve read.
  3. Pray about the insights you’ve gained.
  4. Take up a daily act to embody your beliefs and express your understandings.

As with every Word@Hand Journey, Gift of Courage offers:

  • Good news of God’s love for you and all of creation
  • Wisdom to guide you
  • Hope to sustain you
  • Truth to empower you
  • Forgiveness to change you
  • Peace to bless you

Join us on a Journey. Together, the six paths and 42 daily steps will help guide and encourage you to a better life with God.

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