United Against Racism: Facilitator's Guide

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Rev. Dr. Lakisha R. Lockhart, Rev. Dr. Denise L. Janssen, Rev. Dr. Lynne B. Caldwell, Rev. Dr. Joseph V. Crockett
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United Against Racism Facilitator’s Guide grows out of a profound awareness that embedded deep within the Christian faith tradition is a call to justice as a precursor to unity. Where there is no justice, there can be no authentic unity. The authors desire to join with other learners to pursue and to practice an authentic Christianity, a religion free of racism.

Even as we are preparing this document, eleven people in a Pittsburgh synagogue were gunned down with an automatic rifle because of anti-Semitic thinking… Countless black and brown bodies continue to fall from fear, hate, and ignorance and our nation’s leadership is preoccupied with building a wall and creating barriers to keep people out.

 In the midst of all that seems wrong the practice of an authentic Christianity is a profound act of hope.God can transform! Our unity is a sign of the beloved community to which our faith calls us. 

 Join the movement! Think, pray, and act so that everyone is able to live in that hope.

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Unit 1: Awaken
Session 1: Cultivating Brave Space
Session 2: Exploring Historical Realities in America

Unit 2: Confront
Session 3: What is Justice? Whose Justice?
Session 4: Justice Has a Price

Unit 3: Transform
Session 5: Adapt, Change, or Transform: Spiritual Practices to End Racism
Session 6: Next Steps in Action and Practice

Additional Resources
Appendix A: Covenant Making
Appendix B: Sample Footprints
Appendix C: Body Prayer
Appendix D: Icebreaker Ideas