United Against Racism: Churches for Change

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National Council of Churches
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The time is NOW, as signaled by the United Nations’ decade-long commitment to people of African descent. In proclaiming this decade, the international community is recognizing that people of African descent represent a distinct group whose human rights must be promoted and protected. Authentic Christianity requires the loving inclusion of all God’s creation. An inclusive, beloved community is a community free from racism. United Against Racism is a call to an authentic Christianity, a religion that strives to become God’s inclusive, beloved community. It summons Christians to pray, think, and act to end racism. This resource aims to support churches, communities, communions, and those who share the values of the Christian faith to pursue the unfinished agenda and to embody a more excellent way of racial equality.

Each theme of United Against Racism hopes to promote dialogue and includes prayers by religious leaders, educators, and partners in the mission of the National Council of Churches. Questions to help focus meaningful conversations are part of each theme.

First Pages (PDF)

Mourning the Trauma
Broken Trust: Racism, White Privilege, and Misunderstanding
When Your Justice Doesn't Look or Feel Like My Justice
Testimonies of Faith (Dr. Rex M. Ellis, National Museum on African American History and Culture)
The Bible: It’s Use and Misuse
The Search for Justice
The Price of Justice and Its Cost to Us
Forgiveness: Whose Burden Is It?
What Is the Church to Do?
Justice and Spiritual Practices
What Will You Do?
Learning Practices For People Of Faith