Ecumenical Directions in the United States Today

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Antonios Kireopoulos, Juliana Mecera
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Ecumenical Directions in the United States Today gathers in one place the key presentations from the historic fiftieth anniversary conference of the Faith and Order Commission of the National Council of Churches, USA. The authors examine the commissions past and present and offer a vision for the future of ecumenism.

About the Editors:

Antonios Kireopoulos is the Associate General Secretary for Faith and Order and Interfaith Relations at the National Council of Churches USA. He earned his PhD in theology from Fordham University and has spent most of the last twenty years engaged in ecumenical and interfaith dialogue.

Juliana Mecera earned a Master of Arts at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary and a Master of Sacred Theology at Union Theological Seminary. She has interned at the NCC and worked at the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church.

First Pages (PDF)

Faith and Order: Some Ecumenical Directions for a Theological Journey (Antonios Kireopoulos)

Part I. LOOKING BACK: The Significance of Oberlin 1957 and Reflections on the Last Fifty Years
The Legacy of This Place: Oberlin, Ohio (Barbara Brown Zikmund)
The Ecumenical Significance of Oberlin (Donald W. Dayton)
Fifty Years and Running: Oberlin '57, Back and Beyond (Jeffrey Gros, FSC)
The Apostolic Faith Study and the Holy Spirit (Cecil M. Robeck Jr.)
Evaluating Faith and Order's Publishing Record: The Perichoresis of Texts and Contexts (Joseph A. Loya, OSA)
Faith and Order in Oberlin: 1957 and 2007 (Diane C. Kessler)

Part II. THE PRESENT MOMENT: Visions of Christian Unity and the Postmodern Context
Orthodoxy, Postmodernity, and Ecumenism: The Difference That Divine-Human Communion Makes (Aristotle Papanikolaou)
The Bible on Postmodern Surfaces (Jione Havea)
Faith and Order in a Postmodern World Response [to Havea and Papanikolaou] (Michael Root)
The Search for Unity since 1957: A Catholic Perspective (Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ) Issues Facing Ecumenism: A Perspective from the World Council of Churches (Sarah Heaner Lancaster) Evangelicals, Ecumenism, and Emerging Questions: Reflections on Complexity in Light of Oberlin II (R. M. Keelan Downton)

Part III. LOOKING FORWARD: Issues Facing Ecumenism and Interfaith Issues
The Future of Our Journey: Issues Facing Ecumenism (John A. Radano)
Kingdom Chaos-The Joy of Finding Unity: An Evangelical Perspective on the Future of Ecumenism (Kevin W. Mannoia
Vision of Christian Unity on the Ecumenical Landscape and Soundscape: A Pentecostal Ecumenical Engagement (David D. Daniels III)
Issues Facing Ecumenism (C. Christopher Epting)
How the Work of Christian Unity Relates to lnterreligious Relations and Dialogue: When Good News Sounds Bad (John Borelli)
Christian Ecumenism and the Abrahamic Faiths (Lewis S. Mudge)
The Buddhist-Christian Encounter in the United States: Reflections on Christian Practices (Amos Yong)
Oberlin 2007: The Need for an Expanded Methodology? (John T. Ford, CSC)
The Flame of Ecumenism: Student Resurgence and an Emerging Ecumenical Model (Juliana M. Mecera)