Ancient Faith and American-Born Churches

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Ted A Campbell, Ann K. Riggs, Gilbert W. Stafford
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Ancient Faith and American-Born Churches offers a unique approach to the exploration of the Christian tradition and faith heritage of Christian communities in the United States. In this set of dialogues, wildly unlikely combinations of church traditions are paired off with each other: Seventh-day Adventists and Episcopalians discuss Jesus’ second coming; Eastern Orthodox and Holiness church leaders discuss Christian worship; Churches of Christ and Roman Catholic theologians discuss the meaning of a truly “apostolic” church. This exciting series of interchanges opens up unexpected points of convergence between widely separated Christian traditions. Ancient Faith and American-Born Churches also provides a rich source of knowledge about the depths and the gifts of the faith and beliefs churches profess.

About the Editors:

Ted A Campbell is president of Garret-Evangelical Theological Seminary and an ordained elder of The United Methodist Church; he has published extensively in Methodist Studies.

Ann K. Riggs is associate general secretary for Faith and Order and director of the Faith and Order Commission at the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA. She is a consultant to the Standing Committee of the World Council of Churches Faith and Order Commission. 

Gilbert W. Stafford is professor of Christian theology at Anderson University School of Theology in Indiana. Since 1984 he has represented the Church of God on the Faith and Order Commission of the National Council of Churches in the USA. 

First Pages (PDF)

Foreword (Thomas F. Best)
Preface (Ann K. Riggs)
Introduction (Gilbert W. Stafford)
Theological Language and Ecumenical Methodology (John T. Ford, CSC)

DIALOGUE 1. The Unitive Power of Holiness: A Dialogue between Holiness and Roman Catholic Traditions
Holiness As Understood by the Wesleyan/Holiness Tradition (Gilbert W. Stafford, Church of God, Anderson, Indiana)
Holiness As Understood in the Roman Catholic Tradition (Kevin McMorrow, SA, Roman Catholic Church)
Response by Stafford
Response by McMorrow

DIALOGUE 2. The Hermeneutics of Reconciliation in Worship: A Dialogue between Holiness and Eastern Orthodox Traditions
The Holiness Perspective on Reconciling Love in Worship (Gilbert W. Stafford, Church of God, Anderson, Indiana)
The Hermeneutics of Reconciliation: Perspectives from the Orthodox Liturgical Experience (John H. Erickson, Orthodox Church in America)
Response by Stafford
Response by Erickson

DIALOGUE 3. Apostolicity: A Dialogue between the Roman Catholic Tradition and the Stone-Campbell Restoration Tradition
The Nature of the Apostolicity of the Church: Perspectives from Churches of Christ (Douglas A. Foster, Churches of Christ)
Irenaeus on Apostolicity (John T. Ford, CSC, Roman Catholic Church)
Response by Foster
Response by Ford

DIALOGUE 4. The Role of Creeds and Confessions: A Dialogue among Reformed, Methodist, and Quaker Traditions
Confessing the Faith in the Reformed Tradition (Joseph D. Small, Presbyterian Church (USA))
The Role of Doctrine and Confessions in the United Methodist Church (Ted A. Campbell, United Methodist Church)
The Place of Creeds and Confessions Among Friends (Quakers) (Ann K. Riggs, Friends General Conference)
Response by Small
Response by Campbell
Response by Riggs

DIALOGUE 5. Christian Initiation: A Dialogue between Baptist and Roman Catholic Traditions
Initiation into the Church and the Baptist Tradition (Paul E. Robertson, Southern Baptist Convention)
Initiation into Christ in the Western Catholic Tradition (Jeffrey Gros, Fsc, Roman Catholic Church)
Response by Robertson
Response by Gros

DIALOGUE 6. The Teaching Authority of the Church: A Dialogue between the Stone-Campbell Restoration and the Lutheran Tradition
The Place of an Authoritative Teaching Office in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) (Michael Kinnamon, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ))
The Place of an Authoritative Teaching Office in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (Philip Krey, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)
Response by Kinnamon
Response by Krey
The Authority and Function of Scripture (Theresa F. Koernke, Catholic Tradition)
The Authority and Funcion of Scripture (Samuel H. Nafzer, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod)
The Authority and Funcion of Scripture (Clyde J. Steckel, United Church of Christ)

DIALOGUE 7. Eschatology and Mission: A Dialogue Between Anglican and Adventist Traditions
Eschatology and Mission in the Anglican Tradition (O. C. Edwards, Jr. )
Seventh-Day Adventist Perspective on Eschatology and Mission (Denis Fortin)