A Call To Hope

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Vera K. White
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The 2018 revised edition of A Call to Hope equips congregations to respond to violence. The book is a study resource for Christian communities who are led to discern paths to a peaceable life with God and others. The question Vera White seeks to answer: How must the church respond to the virus of violence in the world? 

White presents a clear and concise case for Christians to address violence and provides a valuable resource that gives concrete measures for learning about and reducing violence in interpersonal and social contexts. Her idea was refreshingly original and the revised edition continues to contribute to small groups and large congregations ability to tackle the persistent and deeply embedded threats of violence today.

Vera White appeals to Christian readers and ascribes to Christian teaching about peace, love, and hope. White lays out a practical approach to face these concerns by providing examples and telling stories about violence and the effects it has on our lives and communities.

A Call to Hope & Study Groups

Each study session showcased in A Call to Hope is self-contained. Groups may wish to use only selected sessions, in which case you will want to be sure to include “Getting Started” and “Creating a Covenant” from Chapter 1 to begin the study. Suggestions for group leaders appear throughout the resource. If you are working with a group that enjoys discussion, the material may take longer than one hour to cover. Leaders will want to decide ahead of time which activities have priority. Leaders should feel free to adapt the material to suit their groups.

Sample Develop Session:

  • Ask a volunteer to read aloud “A Violent Society,” and lead a group discussion using “Reflection or Discussion No. 1.”

  • Read “How Do Christians Respond to Violence,” and lead a discussion using “Reflection or Discussion No. 4.”

  • Read “Forgiveness: A Biblical Perspective,” and lead a discussion using “Reflection or Discussion No. 5.”

  • Conclude the Session

First Pages (PDF)

One: Violence: A Christian Response
Two: Power Structures and Justice
Three: Violence, Children, and Youth
Four: Thorns of Pain and Fear: Domestic Violence
Five: Violence in the Media
Six: Faith as Hope, Faith as Mandate

Worship Resources
Some Resources for Further Exploration
Peace and Peacemakers
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